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Friday, February 25, 2011


As always, after the jump lie spoilers galore... Click only if you've watched the third episode of Laid.

This was probably the weakest episode of Laid so far – but that’s still a lot better than most Australian television. This is a show not afraid to take chances – not in the way Rake did, with its insane case of the week format, but to make black-humoured jokes about sex and death and be completely unapologetic for it. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t, but it is always worth doing.

I’m still loving Alison Bell as Roo and her little romance with Abe Forsythe’s Charlie is a charming part of the show. I still love the way the show roots a high-concept, outlandish premise in a very unglamorous realistic environment. I still have no idea where the show is going and I like that too.

But I thought the show set itself up for a fall with the Marcus Graham/indoor cricket scene. Indoor cricket is just such an obvious death trap that within a show and a premise like this, it seemed inevitable that Graham was going to get clocked with a ball – and that all seemed like an extended preview to what the episode was really about, which is Roo deciding she’s going to try and take the curse on. I also didn’t laugh at any stage during this episode – it didn’t seem as witty or as insightful as the others – and the story spun its wheels a little.

All in all though, still a show I’m enjoying very much. I’m guaranteed to stick with it right to the end.

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